Monday, May 31, 2021


 In May 2021 a group of community singers gathered to raise some funds for a young friend in Kenya who - due to covid - is struggling to complete her studies [A Diploma in Social Work].  Susan is one of the Robins Nest Global Child family.  

Singers - drawn from our past chorus groups [now no longer functioning due to the pandemic] and Maureen's Theatre network - generously gave of their time, their talent, and their limited funds to assist.  

Here is a summary of the event;

Friday, September 13, 2019


Spring is when all living things come out of hibernation .....and as singers, it's a lovely time of year to take the joy of song out in to the community.  You may spot us at community markets over the spring months or simply singing in a street where you're shopping, or even a village where you're living.

 For the Garden Lovers... our singers will be celebrating the PCYC Community Garden space at Broadmeadow with a sing in the garden on... Saturday 19th October....from 9am, all are welcome, and we'll have some songs that you can join in with if you wish.  
It's a gold coin donation entry for a morning of song and some garden delights, light refreshment will be available. 

AND, if you too are out of hibernation and have an urge to sing, why not come and join us on Thursdays?!  Singing with a group has magical powers!  Heart of Erin ladies celtic chorus in the morning, Novapop pop chorus in the evening.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

I can't Sing!

Oh, if only I had a dollar for everytime I've heard this phrase!  I'd be a millionaire, surely?!

Often it comes from mature adults and chances are it is a self-held belief that developed in childhood - where they were laughed at, or told by a teacher that they shouldn't sing, 'just mouth the words'. 
 It is such a limiting belief that has been carried for a lifetime.  A limiting belief that has robbed that child/person from one of the great delights of being alive - the sheer joy of making music.

The reality IS that anyone who can talk, can sing.  Singing is a natural gift given to all of us [show me one newborn baby that doesn't exercise its lungs before anything else!]
In some families, some cultures, singing is encouraged, fostered, celebrated.  In other homes it is not and so the art can be lost.

Singing in a group is a great way to re-discover that natural gift, to foster it, and to develop it into something lovely.  It's also a great opportunity to meet new friends and be part of a like-minded community.

Don't let a limiting belief - a FEAR - limit your life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year Musical Musings

Many Chorus groups are in recess for the holiday season and some members will, I know, be champing at the bit to get back for their weekly 'song fix'.  Others will be recouping their energies in anticipation of another big year ahead.  One thing's for sure, though, we'll all be looking forward to getting back into the swing of sing.

So when you're part of a chorus, you're part of a team.  And we're all in it together because we love to make music. But here's some food for thought to mull over while you're on your break:
  • On this chorus journey, are you a participative passenger or are you a snoozer?  
    •  The snoozer pops along for their weekly chorus, enjoys the fun and the fellowship of singing with the chorus members, leaves on a high, then forgets it all until the next session (where they've most likely forgotten everything they learned at the last one anyway)
    • The participative passenger engages with the process along the journey.  Between sessions, they'll do some vocal exercises, work on the new material by both listening and singing the songs, they might even make notes to ask their director for clarification with some notes or phrasings at the next chorus.
  • In your chorus, do you set yourself some little challenges?
    • In life generally, we all have our fears.  It's no different in your chorus.  Some people fear having to perform.  Some people fear being heard, so sing very softly hiding behind the other voices.  But whatever your fears, taking dolly steps to overcoming them is the best way to build your confidence, helping you enjoy your chorus even more.   Try these tips;
      • each week turn your volume up a tiny bit louder ...dolly steps are good enough to help you reach your destination
      • each week practice lifting your eyes off the page ...reading your lyrics is merely a security blanket
      • each week try adding a little more facial expression...sing with your eyes, add a smile, ....let it become a weekly habit and it will come naturally when you're in front of an audience   
      • REMEMBER  that mistakes are the stepping stones that keep us on the right track...don't be afraid of making them, it's how we learn, correct, proceed. 
Make 2019 the year that you confidently GROW in your chorus.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Just a week and a bit to go before our annual chorus fundraiser  - The Voice of Spring - with proceeds this year going to the Soul Cafe.   

This is a lovely, relaxed and fun afternoon that our choristers and guests look forward to  immensely [despite the hard work to pull it all together!].

 The Voice of Spring serves up a couple of hours of:
  • lovely song from our *Heart of Erin Ladies Celtic Chorus  and *Novapop, pop chorus
  • some fun games/activities and a generous prize pool on offer
  • a comedy spot because laughter is so good for the soul!  This year our special guest is  Kitty Katz, a vision in pink with her fractured fairy tales 
  • along with a very delicious afternoon tea
      Tickets are available at the door - just $20 - but bookings would be helpful to allow us to organise catering and can be made by emailing: .  The afternoon starts at 2pm and finishes at 4pm and this year will be held at the St Augustine hall, Winsor Street Merewether [diagonally opposite South's]

       The Soul Cafe - established some 15 years ago - is a most worthy organisation in Newcastle that provides meals and many other services for the homeless in our region. It receives no government funding and relies purely on community donations.

 HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS:  ##note, many still coming in

      *Macleans  Bookshop, Hamilton
      * Goodness Me Organics, Adamstown
      *individual donations :  Sandra Tier, Yan Pring, Maureen O'Brien

##to be updated soon